Our team of writers and researchers acknowledge all references used in our articles. We assure you that we will do thorough research and investigation before including any information to our collection of writing tips and other informative articles and, most especially, before we decide to publish them.

We know it takes work to find authoritative sources, but we don’t want to risk a work that can be valuable to you, our readers. We value you, and we understand your desire to look for high-quality content. Unless otherwise stated, we choose to cite only from authority sites, specifically when it comes to writing tips and methods.

We will provide links to those sites in case you, the reader, would like to explore more on any specific reference.

Below are the most common types of resources you can find in our articles:

  • Library archives – these refer to databases and documents that are accessible to the public (e.g., census)
  • Established resources – these would be popular industry professionals and publications (in copywriting, Backlinko)
  • Peer-reviewed articles – these bring up publications and journals that are peer-reviewed (for example, Harvard Business Review, EBSCO Scholarly, and OMICS International)
  • Podcasts (Reading and Writing, Beautiful Writers, The Blogging Millionaire are just some of our chosen podcast references)