Fiction Books about Food and Cooking


We’re used to drooling over pictures of food in magazines, cakes displayed in cafeterias, or even at the slightest thought about our favorite food. But did you ever think that there are even books written about food, giving you an even better chance to fantasize about filling your belly? No, we’re not talking about cooking books, but rather fiction books that revolve around food.

There are many such novels out there and if you’re a huge food lover, you will enjoy them for sure. Here are some books for the culinary enthusiasm inside of you that will make you fall in love with the art of cooking even more.

  1. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Garden Spells tells the story of the Waverley family. They own an apple tree that has a fruit full of magical traits, in a garden of lots of edible plants which can affect anyone that ingests them.

In the house lives Claire, a 34-year-old woman who has established a successful catering business. She is using the magic of the plants of the garden to alter foods or drinks. For instance, she makes rose geranium wine and lilac jelly. Later, her sister Sydney returns home, and that’s when the magic in the foods is starting to take its toll on Claire’s emotional being.

Later on, though, they are able to fix their relationship and find romance in life as well.

  1. Chocolat by Joanne Harris

Chocolat is a book that talks about a French village, Vianne Rocher is arriving and establishing her chocolate shop. Despite the obvious fact that she’s selling chocolate, there’s one more thing that makes Vianne so radiating and interesting: with each box of chocolates she sells, she’s also giving a free gift. This gift consists of a perception of the privacy of her customers, and a cure for their troubles. People are constantly wondering whether she’s a witch or not.

Also, every page of the book is describing how chocolate melts in your mouth, so if you’re obsessed with chocolate, you’ll surely drool over the pages.

  1. The Restaurant of Love Regained by Ito Ogawa

Rinko, the protagonist of the novel, returns home from work one day only to notice that her fridge, TV set, and boyfriend are gone. Her apartment is empty, and all she has left now is her mother, and returning to her native village which she left 10 years before that event. However, this is not the end – she opens a very special restaurant here, and so the story is born.

  1. The School of Essential Ingredients

Who said that food can’t be life-changing? It is all shown in this work of fiction, where eight students are signing up for cooking lessons with Chef Lillian each week. In spite of going there mainly to learn how to cook, they are being taught something that is more valuable than any recipe. As such, this book conveys how much food can heal, so don’t miss out.

  1. The Love Goddess’ Cooking School by Melissa Senate

In this book, Holly, our protagonist, takes over her grandmother’s Italian cooking school following a major heartbreak. However, the issue is that she cannot cook, while this new set of students is there to learn – you guessed it – how to cook. All throughout the book, Holly is trying to learn recipes and essential ingredients from her grandmother, and this is how she’s slowly starting to build her own happiness.

If you’re into food, you must surely try one of these books. Make sure you check them out if you love stories about mouth-watering foods.