Challenges Bloggers Face Today


Very often, blogging is considered to be a fairly easy thing to do, a hobby rather than a full-time profession. Maybe for some people, it actually is. But that’s certainly not the case with bloggers that have managed to stand out in the crowd.

For people that wish to take their online writing to the next level, blogging is definitely a career path. It comes with its own troubles, ups, and downs which in turn might cause moments of frustration and discouragement.

Just like in any other domain, there are challenges to overcome. If you’re curious, just read on.

  1. Not Choosing the Right Niche

Building the foundation of any stable construction usually takes a special amount of effort and care. This is because it will determine the durability of the building. Blogging works in a similar manner.

Many bloggers encounter difficulties when it comes to choosing the right niche. They either don’t narrow it down enough, or they lack the proper knowledge in the field they’ve chosen.

Delivering quality content to a target audience will allow you to gain authority within that specific topic. On the other hand, choosing a niche only based on its popularity and lacking the proper expertise will only deem a blogger as untrustworthy.

Once the initial enthusiasm cools down, bloggers might discover that a great part of the ideas that seemed to thrive in the beginning, might now seem redundant.

Coming up with fresh ideas and topics to cover in a world with thousands of blogs is not the easiest thing to do. In order to keep yourself on track, make sure to keep your ideas written down in a journal and also create a content calendar.

  1. Not Getting Enough Traffic

With thousands of blog startups every day, attracting and keeping your audience is definitely a challenge. The competition is heavy, and no one will stumble upon a blog by mere coincidence.

This is where SEO and marketing strategies enter the stage. Getting on the first page of Google search results will definitely boost your traffic. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media marketing either. It takes small, cumulative steps to reach the spotlight.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned before, SEO is a must-have when it comes to blogging. It all resumes to making your voice heard, being the solution to a problem somebody has, or the highlight of someone’s interest.

Besides learning and applying all the SEO fundamentals efficiently, some bloggers also encounter problems when it comes to balancing their content. Constantly trying to optimize your content in order to make it SEO friendly might make you feel like the post is losing its personal touch.

In case this happens to you, just write your ideas creatively and then proceed to optimize your content.

Some people might find it difficult to accept that their blog isn’t going to become popular overnight or bring them the income of their dreams. While you might want to give up on your full-time job in order to become a blogger, keep in mind that these things take time.

Advertising, selling products or affiliate marketing would require your blog to have a great amount of traffic. This is why bloggers should focus on expanding their readership first, and then on monetizing their website.

Final Thoughts

There’s no smooth path when it comes to growth. This is for blogging as well. The experience might lead you through a set of extreme emotions, starting with exaltation and up to feeling deeply frustrated. What’s important is to be patient and turn your challenges into learning opportunities.